The Real Ethel

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Just a little bit of summertime news from Mrs F…remember Ethel the chicken? Well we now have our very own Ethel…she is 7 years old and has stopped laying her own eggs, but when we put four of the other hens’ eggs under her she hatched them all! What a proud mum! Here is Cheeps the father, who this time last year was also a little chick himself! Happy holidays!


Thank You and Goodbye!

Just a last little note to say ‘Thank you’ to parents, guardians and pupils for all the support you have given both myself and your children over the past year. We’ve had a great year in P.4/5 and now it’s time for everyone to have a well-earned rest.

Good luck for next year with your new teachers – work hard and be good…I’ll be hearing about you from them!!

Mrs. F  and the hamsters! x

Topic Presentations

We finished the term with everyone doing their presentations. (A few weeks ago, Mrs. Fraser gave us homework – we had to choose an African topic and present it to the class. It could be a powerpoint, a model, a display or a talk. We had some fantastic pieces of work and a lot of effort was obviously put into them. Well done everyone!  😀

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Rona’s Visit

Last Thursday, Rona Harvey, a friend of Adrian’s grandad, came and told us all about her visits to the Gambia. Rona has been visiting there for a few years now and has met lots of Gambians and brought them helpful items for their schools there. Her talk was very interesting and informative.

Thanks Rona!

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Our African Day – 21.6.13.

Last Friday, we had a joint African day with the P.4 class. This was a great way to bring our African topic to an end. A lot of us (including Mrs. Fraser and Mr. Bailey) dressed up in tradtitonal African costume. We split into groups and had activities to do, such as make an African animal out of newspaper and make a water carrier to transport water from A to B without spilling. It was really good fun! We also got to taste some African food, such as Babotie (a spicy, fruity mince dish from South Africa) and Couscous (from Morocco) as well as taste some exotic fruit. We finally finished the day with an African dance-a-thon, led by Mercedes. Parents were invited to join us and boy, were they embarrassing!

Here are some photos from the day:-

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Anansi Stories!

We have finished our fantastic folk tales about Anansi, the mischievous spider from African folklore.

We read some of the well-known Anansi stories. He always gets into trouble and then learns his lesson at the end. We thought we would write our own, so first of all we looked at some morals and their meanings, then we had to plan and write a story about Anansi leading up to the moral. (The Anansi stories are a bit like Grimm’s fairy tales, or the Brer Rabbit stories).

We designed front covers to fit in with our African theme, then we read our stories to the class. They were great! We really enjoyed this piece of writing.

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Eco-fashion Show

Yesterday (Wednesday) some P.6 girls held a fashion show competition. Each of the P.3-7 classes had to make an eco-outfit for their teacher ready to take part in a fashion parade in the afternoon with the other teachers! Each group in our class had an item to make. We had:-

* a jewellery group;

* a hat group;

* an outfit group;

* a footwear group;

* an earring group

* a handbag group.

We had great fun making the items and dressing Mrs. Fraser!  We called our outfit ‘Nelson Jacobridella’ because it looked like a bride’s outfit and we had used lots of bits and pieces from our Jacobite and Nelson Mandela topics! Our outfit was runner-up in the competition! 😀




M&M House Design competition!

Here are the pupils in our class whose group designs were voted through at the Summer fayre to the final 12. The top 5 were then judged by MacLeod & MacCallum and although none of our class’ entries were in the final 5, we each got a certificate from them.

Also meet our new pupil Leah, who got a Head teacher’s Award for settling into life at MoL very quickly. Welcome Leah! 🙂


Landmark Trip – 13/06/13

Yesterday (Thursday) the whole school went to Landmark for the day!!!! 😀

We had a fabulous day…the weather was brilliant, there were hardly any other schools there – it was just AMAZING!!!! The only thing was, a new waterfall had opened in the maze and some of us didn’t know it was on a timer and ran through it WHILE THE WATER WAS STILL FALLING and got soaked!!! :S

Here are a few photos of the day:-

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Galimotos Galore!

We read a book called ‘Galimoto’ by Karen Lynn Williams. It’s about a boy called Kondi who makes a Galimoto.


(A Galimoto is an African push-along toy, usually made from old wire).

We decided to make our own galimotos from pipe cleaners. Some of us thought it was easy and some of us thought it was hard!!! Here we are with them:-

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